1,500 Saplings to be planted at new TRNC road projects


Minister of Public Works and Transportation Tolga Atakan announced that the Highways Department, in cooperation with the Forestry Department, will be planting 1,500 saplings at suitable spots of the new road projects.

In a tweet posted yesterday, Minister Atakan said the saplings will be planted at suitable areas and on nationalised parts of the road projects which will not be used.

Atakan said the decision will apply to the road projects that will be implemented in autumn this year. Atakan also said that the Highways Department will care for and maintain the young trees.

Source: Ministry of Public Works and Transportation


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  1. Planting trees either side of the road is a good idea — the stretch from the Gonyeli Roundabout towards the City is starting to look quite smart. But keep them well away from Junctions and the middle of Roundabouts, where they are likely to obscure visibility and create unnecessary dangers.