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Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services : News Update


By Brenda Plant …

As most of you will know we do not have an afternoon tea in July or August as most people prefer to be in the pool in the afternoon.  We do have our usual monthly quiz which will be on Monday July 30th at Acmenya Restaurant, Alsancak starting at 7.30pm. 

The quiz is a light-hearted fun evening with lots of quirky questions and a really tasty chicken or vegetarian supper for only 25TL per person and bottles of wine for the winning team members.  Reserve places by calling 0533 840 7834.

You will be interested to know that thanks to your support we have donated the following equipment to the Accident and Emergency Department of Girne Hospital:

A surgical instrument table for the performance of small surgeries

A machine to check the oxygen level, heart and pulse rate

A blood pressure machine for babies and children

A nebuliser for steam treatment of lung problems

An otoscope to check for ear problems

As usual the hospital staff have expressed their extreme gratitude for your generosity and we hope that you will continue to support us to provide more help to them.


The equipment you help to buy today could save your life tomorrow!