Animal care

Barney – the story of a TRNC street dog


There are many people trying to help the stray and abandoned dogs of North Cyprus and we bring you a story of one such dog in the Esentepe area.

Even if it is not possible to provide a home for the countless number of stray animals, it is still possible to give some care and attention and give them a reasonably good life even though they are still on the streets. 

By Mary Watson …

We have a story we would like to share about one of the stray dogs in our area.  About 3 months ago Art was driving through Esentepe and saw a Labrador pup who was limping.  Thinking it had been run over, he contacted Rob Astley and arranged for them to take him to Niazi at Petline.  It was gout, caused by the early stages of leishmania and the vet prescribed a month of strong antibiotics.  The dog, who we named Barney, lived on the streets but Art found him every day and gave him his pills.  He got to know us and where we lived!  And we bought him a lovely blue collar.

We then decided to have him neutered, picked him up one night from the village and tied him up outside our house.  When Art went to check the next morning there was an abandoned collar and a rope.  He had obviously jumped over the wall and we couldn’t understand how he hadn’t hung himself.

So, at 6.30am Art and I were walking round the village looking for him.  Art found him but he didn’t respond to his name or want to get in the car (Barney loves a ride in the car).  It was then I realised that his eyes were much darker and we drove home.  That was one lucky dog who might have been castrated that day!

Eventually he had the operation and lived with us for 5 days until he recovered.  Our dogs, at 12 and 14, found it hard to cope with a puppy but tolerated him.  Since then he has had his injections for distemper etc.

Barney loves life on the streets and would find it difficult to be too domesticated.  He comes up to see us most days for a bit of food, a good sleep on the cold marble floor and the occasional swim. He just walks in and makes himself at home.  Then he is off to play with his friends who gather around the Esentepe mosque.

Thanks to the TRNC “dog whisperer” Rob Astley and Carol Harrison we know that he is safe and we have some lovely photos of him looking really happy.