December 3, 2022


By Ahmet Abdülaziz …..

My passion for writing is well known. Though there have been lean periods, when I did not write anything due to one reason or another for quite long periods, the ultimate desire to write never waned.

The birth of AYDIN gazete, is the ultimate result of my passion. In Turkish, it is a 16-page weekly newspaper.

About two weeks back Chris and Margaret put up the idea of publishing the AYDIN gazete online. The idea was wonderful, and I accepted it immediately. In the next few days we discussed and sorted out  the technical constraints. Luckily, with his good control of technical issues, Chris told me that it was possible to publish the AYDIN gazete as an attachment of the CyprusScene Enewspaper, in PDF format.

Actually this was the only issue that I was afraid of, since with rather limited computer  knowledge, it might be difficult for me to work out some other way to prepare the newspaper for publication online. Thanks to Chris, he managed to sort it out very easily.

But that was not all. There was a problem regarding the timing of publication of the newspaper. The CyprusScene Enewspaper published on Friday night every week, whereas I was publishing AYDIN gazete on Saturday night. We both have got reasonable excuses to persist with our own schedules. However, in a very constructive meeting that I had with them at their house, last week, we ultimately arranged that I would  finalise and send the finished PDF file of AYDIN gazete to Chris and Margaret, not later than 7pm every Friday. Only in this way could the two newspapers  go online simultaneously.

On Friday last,  I had pre-planned my schedule to finish the newspaper before 7pm, but I had also kept in mind an emergency plan, in case things did not go the desired way. Luckily everything went as per schedule, though Margaret did not forget to remind me early Friday morning, that I was supposed to send the PDF file at 7pm. Her short message “7pm don’t forget”, was sufficient enough to force me to sit and meet the time schedule.

Well everything went as per plan, and the AYDIN gazete went online last week as an annexation to the Enewspaper.

Let me clarify an important issue here. AYDIN gazete do accept advertisements. So your advertisements are awaited.

Do contact me at 0533 8766985 or send me an email through the text box below and I hope you all will like the latest issue of AYDIN gazete, along with Enewspaper by clicking here..

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