October 1, 2023


KAR are continuing their good work and we are showing below information about the process for pets coming into the TRNC.

By Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) ….

Ok It’s not coming home …  Well the footy might not be coming home …. But Molly and Toby were. So too were Monty, Peanut, Poppett and Spot !

We had been planning all of the pets move for some time and there had been lots of discussions about the best way for them come into the TRNC from UAE and UK.

The owners, agents and KAR Pet Travel talked about each option (into Ercan as accompanied pets, into RoC as accompanied pets and also into RoC as a cargo booking).

Both owners decided that for their pets the best way would be for them to come in via RoC. Holly and Toby were travelling from Dubai as “accompanied pets” and the other 4 as a “cargo” booking from the UK.

It took quite a while for Holly and Toby to complete their customs and government vet checks – mainly because they were entering from a non EU Country and so a different type of clearing process (and paperwork) applies. Then there was time for a quick comfort break and a few cuddles before they started on their onward overland journey, with KAR Pet Travel, into TRNC (completing the TRNC checks and process at the border).

Monty, Peanut, Poppett and Spot completed their clearing relatively quickly and were collected by KAR Pet Travel from the RoC agent – there was time for a little meet and greet between Monty (who was originally a rescue dog from Romania) and Kim before they continued the onward overland journey into TRNC.

The smallest of the 4, Poppett, was also the most vocal and she certainly told the customs officers a thing or two – even though the officers on duty didn’t speak doggy English they laughed at such a small dog with a BIG voice whatever the language!!

It was a joy to hand all 6 dogs over to their respective owners – happy adults and children. It was smiles all around. Both families had been so looking forward to them “coming home”

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