Animal care

Help Rob Astley and Carol Harrison help the street animals


By Mary Watson…….

Rob Astley and Carol Harrison are special people.  Instead of spending their retirement relaxing and enjoying the sunshine, they spend much of their time helping stray dogs and cats from Çatalköy through Esentepe to Tatlisu. Rob, known locally as the Dog Whisperer, has a daily round of feeding and checking up on dogs and still has time to respond to requests from people who have found abandoned animals, many of them puppies, who are in poor health.

Both Rob and Carol spend a considerable amount of their own money on their mission to spay and neuter the street dogs and, whenever possible, find them new homes.  They are not part of any group and rely solely on donations to continue their work.  And now it has become even more expensive.  A few weeks ago Bouncer, a beautiful street dog in Esentepe,  sadly died from distemper which resulted in the setting up of the Bouncer’s Legacy Facebook page.  Since then there have been other deaths so Rob and Carol are also funding inoculations for the street dogs through their donations.

To help raise funds there is a Table Top sale on Saturday 21st July at the Bottles Bar in Esentepe, starting at 10.00am. There is already a large selection of clothes, bric a brac, electrical goods and even furniture but more would be gratefully received, which can be dropped into the Bottles Bar.  There will also be a raffle, with great prizes.

Please come along and support this important work and if you would like to learn more about what Rob and Carol do, please look at the Bouncer’s Legacy Facebook page click here.