October 1, 2023


By Mary Watson……

For the third time in as many weeks the children at the Ziyamet  Special Needs School have been blessed with another donation which will help to enrich their lives.

The Londradaki Lefkaralilar, based in London and led by Arif Serinova and Gulten  Bekir, have donated £500 to the school and it has been agreed that the money will go towards a ‘magic carpet’ for the children.  The ‘carpet’ which projects images onto a mat will help develop the children’s sensory perception as well as giving them loads of fun.  Most special needs schools in the U.K. now have this as part of their standard equipment and are enthusiastic about the benefits.

L to R..Adem Bayman, Secretary of the charity, Gulten Bekir, Hale Sari, Acting Head of the school, Arif Serinova and Art Watson from MAD.

The charities have been raising money for good causes for the last 4 years and found out about the school through a friendship with the Limassolular Association U.K. which recently donated £2,000.  They are also followers of the MAD Facebook page and have been impressed with how the children have developed.

MAD – Making a Difference member, Adem Bayman, said ‘it is so encouraging that our fundraising efforts are not just restricted to the TRNC.  More charities in the U.K. are willing to help us and it is great that there are communities over there who have not forgotten the island.  Their generosity also helps to raise the profile of the Karpaz which used to be largely ignored’.

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