October 2, 2022


Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kudret Özersay received the Maronite mukhtars and members who will take office in Kormacit, the village where Maronites live, for the next four years and presented them their certificates.

While presenting the certificates to Mukhtar Andonis Sarrou and members Vrahimi Ioannu, Georges Skordi, Ninos Andonis Sammudisile and Maria Skoullou, Özersay emphasised the importance of Maronites’ providing the services needed in their own regions through their representatives and added that this reflects the multicultural make-up of the community.

Foreign Minister Özersay wished the Mukhtars and members success in their new duties and said, “I believe that you will work in close cooperation with the municipality responsible for the region and the government, and help the people living in your village”.

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