Burcu issues statement slamming GC fuel checks


In a written statement issued today in response to the Greek Cypriot Administration’s decision to introduce fuel checks at crossing points, the Presidential Spokesman Barış Burcu said that the Greek Cypriot Administration always prevents the implementation of numerous issues falling under confidence building measures.

Burcu has reminded that both sides on the island have a responsibility to improve relations and to create an environment of trust between the two communities.

“As the Turkish Cypriot side, we have always acted with this sense of responsibility. Unfortunately we did not see the same sense of responsibility from the other side” he said.

Reminding that the confidence building measures of introducing island wide mobile phone interoperability and linking the electricity grids of the two sides had failed to be implemented because of the Greek Cypriot side’s reluctant stance Burcu said : “It’s an unfortunate fact that Turkish Cypriots crossing over to South Cyprus are from time to time subject to attacks. We have stressed many times the importance and need to prevent such unfortunate and unacceptable incidents and for those responsible to be caught and brought to justice”, he said.

Burcu also added: “As if this was not enough, the Greek Cypriot Administration has now introduced a number of measures aimed at preventing or punishing Greek Cypriots purchasing fuel from the North.”

Burcu said that the new checks introduced by the Greek Cypriot Administration, which he stated came up with hundreds of excuses to prevent the Green Line Regulation from being effectively implemented, was a direct warning to Greek Cypriots who shop in the North.

Pointing out that the value of the Turkish Lira against other foreign currencies constantly changed, the Presidential Spokesman said that due to this reason fuel prices in the North were sometimes cheaper or more expensive than prices in the South.

“We have never introduced such measures when prices in the South were cheaper. The Greek Cypriot side’s unacceptable and despotic stance in response to this temporary situation does not serve to develop the much needed good relations and trust between the two communities” he added.