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Bouncer’s Legacy : caring for street animals continues in Esentepe


By Chris Elliott ….

Richard Beale brought us the sad story of Bouncer click here the dog that a number of people were caring for at the Esentepe Football Stadium but sadly he contracted Distemper and did not recover.

It seems sadly that there are more street animals which need to be cared for than the existing NGOs can handle and in the case of the Esentepe village there is a group of people who have come together to continue their efforts to make a difference and have created a facebook page “Bouncer’s Legacy” and this is the mission statement of this group.

This group has been set up in memory of a beautiful stray who unfortunately contracted distemper and didn’t survive. Our aim is to inoculate all strays, neuter, spay, feed and try our utmost to find them a forever home.

We are totally dependent on help and donations.

If you feel you can also help them please go to their Facebook page click here and make contact.