October 1, 2023


By Richard Chamberlain……

On 21st April Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 92nd birthday and last Saturday, 9th June 2018 there was the celebration of the Queen’s “official” birthday.  

I can hardly believe that on that exact day 64 years ago in June 1954, I was photographing the Queen’s Birthday Parade in Famagusta and the photos show the Royal Signals Regiment and the Cypriot Police and the firing of the 21 gun salute.

The day, 64 years ago, was a National Holiday in Cyprus so the public and the school children joined in the celebrations and enjoyed the occasion. The photos show the school children and large crowds of Cypriots gathered in the centre of Famagusta. Is there anyone out there who was there and remembers that day? If so, please contact Chris Elliott on CyprusScene.com, with your recollections.

I believe the parade in Famagusta, was the last Queen’s Birthday Parade to be held in the streets because of the security situation and the EOKA campaign.

These photos and 170 more old photos of how Cyprus was 64 years ago in 1954 are available in my book, “Cyprus Scenes and Way of Life in 1954” which is available from The Round Tower, Girne, The Best Seller Bookshop in Karakum and from myself, Richard Chamberlain, the author, on 0533 859 7663.

In contrast the modern British Army of today were also on parade for the Queen’s Birthday on 9th June and I managed to take some photos from my television screen.




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