July 5, 2022


The Ministry of Tourism and Environment and the Environment Protection Department will start a campaign of supplying waste battery collection boxes and the used batteries will be disposed of  in such a way as not to harm the environment.

In addition, environmental awareness is to be instilled in the schools for a cleaner and liveable environment to be achieved in future years.

The campaign aims to recycle waste batteries by including all institutions and organizations.  Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoglu and President of the Republican Assembly, Teberrüken Uluçay participated in the awareness event which was first discussed in the Republican Assembly.

Fikri Ataoğlu, Minister of Tourism and Environment, explained the details of the project and said:

“Recyclable materials are glass, paper, aluminium, plastic, batteries, motor oil, accumulators, concrete, organic wastes and electronic waste. Batteries contain cadmium, nickel, mercury, zinc, manganese, iron, lithium, cobalt.  The environment is being harmed by the disposal of batteries in an improper manner by people without thinking how much damage they are doing.  These waste batteries contain substances such as mercury, cadmium, zinc, lead, manganese, iron, lithium, nickel and cobalt and these harmful substances in the environment brings great danger to human life and nature.  As the batteries contain metal they do not disappear into the soil and the soil is contaminated. They cause pollution and poisoning of underground waters. As a result of this damage, the ecosystem is degraded and all living things are damaged. The land is no longer usable as it loses its minerals”.

Ataoglu stated that the Ministry of Tourism and Environment this year have 5000 waste battery collection boxes, he emphasized that the boxes will be distributed to the state institutions and organizations, the large supermarkets, associations and union buildings.

After the completion of the first step of the waste battery collection boxes, the second step will be to distribute collection boxes to the primary, secondary and high schools in September.  “Within the scope of our campaign, we are ensuring that environmental awareness is achieved and the environment is clean and healthy. In this context, we will also reward our students and schools that collect the most batteries to ensure that they are motivated by the project”.

Ataoğlu also stated that waste batteries collection boxes will be distributed to other businesses if requested. He also stated that waste batteries will be taken from institutions, establishments and similar places under the direction of Environmental Protection Agency’s ALO 123 Environmental Reporting Line.

In his speech, the President of the Republican Council, Teberrüken Uluçay, pointed out that it is very important for the collection of the waste batteries for the environment recovery and stated that the support provided to the project by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment is appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Ministry of Tourism and Environment : Disposal of waste batteries

  1. Great news! What about the rest of the recyclable items? Only Sah supermarket in Catalkoy seems to be the place to take paper, metal and plastic fro recycling or am i missing out somewhere?

    1. Hello Ingrid, many Municipalities now have collection bins for plastic or tins and some months ago collection bins for recycling of tins, paper and plastic were delivered to 30 odd state schools so the pupils could help in a large recycling programme of material that was to be collected by municipalities.

      Go into universities and other public buildings and you will find similar bins for recycling. What we are not seeing is widespread publicity of what is being done and where the recycled material is ending up.

      Perhaps one of our readers would like to take up the challenge of sending in reports and pictures for publication of positives recycling efforts as they find it….. We can all find cases of waste being dumped but lets now start talking up what is being done.

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