President Akıncı received Director-General Verwey


President Akıncı received the Director-General of the European Commission’s Structural Reform Support Service, Maarten Verwey, and his accompanying delegation.

At the meeting, the EU’s relations with the Turkish Cypriot side were evaluated, and the present stage on the Cyprus issue was also discussed.

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  1. And what about it? Did he tell Akinci that he only recognizes the rights of his member buddy South Cyprus. What a bloody waste of time!

  2. Is it just me that thinks it’s a no brainer?
    Give our southern friends 10% of our land for agreement of lifting of sanctions .
    Winners all round!
    It’s Micky mouse to think we can live together again, they want Enosis
    let them join their so called motherland.
    We have always striven for Taksim
    partition in English lets be happy with that! Turkish Cypriots with our mother watching over us , not controlling us.