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John Aziz Kent reply to Fikri Toros re Anastasiades rejection of joint mobile phone communications


In reply to the article we published  in which Fikri Toros stated that “cooperation between mobile phone operators was rejected by  Anastasiades“, we received a comment by Honorary President of the TRNC Hoteliers Association, John Aziz Kent in which he said the following. 

Dear Fikri Toros,

Thank you for telling the world of the reluctance of Mr Anastasiades to  agree measures to bring the two sides of Cyprus together and I would like to add that our neighbours and Greek Cypriot friends are in no mood to let us develop any economic  powers.

Just as their Archbishop Makarios did not and could not tolerate any type of quick progress our people were making soon after the Joint Cyprus Republic was created He one-sided changed the constitution and took away most rights we had to work alongside them to rebuild any future that the GREEKS destroyed all that the Turkish community had worked for through the horrible years of ENOSIS AND EOKA.

But  now once again we are begging them to cooperate with us in Tourism, Telecommunications, Trading and if possible give us back our identity  and some of the governmental  power that they stole and still govern on their own since 1963 by keeping us under Embargoes.

Unfortunately this is allowed to continue with the help of the UN, EU and the rest of the Christian Powerful Free World of which not one of these powers has taken the trouble  to investigate who, why  and when the Cyprus problem started. Instead every one of these powerful states right through these past horrible years has put the blame on the Turkish people for just trying to resist the atrocities their neighbours the Greeks tried to drive them out of Cyprus.

Their aim was to  declare ENOSIS unite with Greece and become an all Greek Island  so please if there is still some justice in this world try and find the truth which is the essence to the Cyprus problem, the truth and god bless the truth.

May I also take this opportunity of thanking Chris Elliott and CyprusScene for their dedication to Northern Cyprus by  publicising so much information in English about our wonderful country and its people for the  world to read and understand.

Yours sincerely
John Aziz Kent