It’s a rainy rainy day


By Ahmet Abdulaziz …

Rain is one of the most favourite topics of almost all song writers. “It’s a rainy rainy day”,  “Have you ever seen the rain”, “Raindrops keep falling on my head”, etc etc are the songs which instantly come to my mind on every rainy day.

In Cyprus, we are passing through rainy days. Though rain is usually uncommon during this part of the year,  we are having more rain than is normal in May this year.

We may say that it’s a late rainy season, because we did not have as much rain this winter as we usually get. But it is never too late. The rain has brought a good change in the overall atmosphere of Cyprus. The best aspect of these rains, however is that it has delayed the arrival of summer. For some, the delay of summer is a good omen, but for some it is not like that.  Of course the tourists who come here to enjoy the sun, are not able to get as much as they had expected. But still the tourism season has started, and as expected it is going to be a good tourism season this year.

This short unexpected rainy season is most probably the sign of weather change in the world. Scientists have long been predicting the possible changes in the world’s atmosphere. Over the passage of years we are seeing the slow changes in the weather. The most obvious is the change of world temperature.

The scientists expect an increase in average temperatures of the whole world, for which there are number of reasons. The most important of them is the emission of gases. The commercial and industrial activities of the whole world are trying to reduce the impact of hot gases, to reduce their negative effect on the world temperature, but unfortunately up to now they are far behind the expectations.

The hot gases of the world are having a direct impact on the glaciers of the North and South Poles. We are seeing evidence of the melting of huge glaciers. The scientists believe that in the distant future, unless remedial steps are taken, the majority of the glaciers would melt.

The melting of the glaciers, not only disturbs the temperature balance of the earth, but also increases the sea level.  An increase in the sea level is a direct threat to the low levelled islands of the world.  A large number of small low level islands, mostly from Maldives and other uninhabited islands, are in serious threat. Some countries have already started taking steps to save the loss of their islands.

Apart from all this, the change of weather in future is going to disturb the rain schedules in parts of the world, which would then lead to shortage of drinking water in different countries. The shortage of drinking water is the most serious threat to human beings. As some political scientists predict that in the near future the control over the drinking water resources and natural reservoirs would be the reason for future wars.

So, in short the scientists on an overall basis paint a gloomy picture for the future of the world.

But for me it is the time to enjoy the rain, and sing, “Raindrops keep falling on my head”.

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