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Kayla Öztemir : young promising artist at English School of Kyrenia


By Ahmet Abdulaziz …..

The English School of Kyrenia is organising an exhibition of artworks of young talented artists of the school. The exhibition is scheduled for 1st June, from 4pm  – 6pm.

Kayla Öztemir is one of those promising artists of the school. She simply loves expressing herself through her paintings.  She is going to exhibit 12 paintings and 3 sculptures.

17 year old Kayla, started painting at a young age as a form of self meditation, but once she started concentrating more, she realised that painting is something more than just for self meditation. She believes that painting is a very powerful medium to convey ideas and messages to the whole world. In fact this is what painting really is.

She likes to work on large canvas, mostly in acrylic colours, however she also works in pencil too. Her most favourite subject is human faces, which she feels are the best exponent of inner feelings of human beings.  Our faces of conveying the message, which no other medium of communication can exhibit. Her latest series of paintings, which are going to be exhibited are human faces. She is confident of getting much attention from the visitors to the exhibition.

Kayla is a hardworking young lady, of Turkish Cypriot parents, and she expresses her great gratitude for the full support of her mother, in every field of her life. She quotes her mother saying “you should chase after whatever you want”.  So here is young Kayla working hard to achieve the goals of her life, with the full unconditional support of her mother.

Kayla is going to start University this year and intends to study fine arts.