News adds new levels of service and interest with Issue 26 Enewspaper


By Chris Elliott…….

We have a forward plan to update our website with new features as they become available plus we want to create an environment for our readers where they can browse our pages for all the news and reviews that we offer.

All of our weekly online Enewspapers have now been migrated into our website and these can all be accessed and read on our Enewspaper page for as long as our readers go looking for them, click here.

This will now give us a better summary of what people are reading which in turn will help us to provide articles in line with our readers’ preferences.  It has always been our aim to promote North Cyprus in the best way we can and it is important to us to also provide information which is both interesting and informative which our readers will enjoy.

This past week we published Issue 26 of our Enewspaper and like previous issues we are trying to include more and more interesting news and reviews many of which other readers are contributing and for this we thank them.

There must be many people who enjoy hobbies and interests and  we are sure that these will be of interest to others, so if you would like to share your hobbies, whatever they are, please let us have some information which can be shared with our readers and this will not only bring people together but also perhaps help those who would like to be able to join in and pursue new interests.

There is a lot going on in the TRNC and we would like to be able to share this with people who maybe have a problem in integrating with others but would like the opportunity of doing so.



Look out for Issue 27 that arrives this coming weekend.


As we mentioned above if you would like to read some of our older issues of the Enewspaper, please click below in the listing to make your selection.


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