September 23, 2023


By Chris Elliott…….

It seems like a lifetime in North Cyprus that I have been writing about those selfless people who through their own efforts try to help those in need  and for sure there have been so many people that I would applaud.

Over a long period I have made friends with and got to know Demetra George Mustafaoğlu who is the famed professional Opera and Concert Singer and Grammy Nominee from Los Angeles to whom US Ambassador John Koenig awarded a Cultural Diplomacy Award for her artistry and charitable work in the world community and the list of citations is endless but at the end of the day Debbie is down to earth and cares for those that need help and has worked hard to help others even when she was fighting cancer.

If that was not enough when she returned to her Çatalköy home in North Cyprus she was arranging fund raising shows in North Cyprus and Turkey and other Mediterranean locations with great flair and skill bringing even more fantastic and exotic presentations you would expect from an international entertainer.


Of course teamwork is necessary if these events are to be successful and we recognised a long time ago that Ece Sualp who considers herself to be a background worker has been the key player who has brought the efforts of so many people together to ensure the shows were successful.

In recognition of this Margaret Sheard and I say thank you ladies and we present you with the Award for your wonderful efforts to help those in need and do please bring us more exciting shows in the future.


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