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Ministry of Tourism : Up to 4 new museums will be opened in 2018


The Minister of Tourism and Environment, Fikri Ataoglu, stated that the Ministry is now working on the same level as the world in respect of modern museology, and new innovations are being added day by day.

Ataoğlu emphasized that museums are one of the most important institutions that provide a deep rooted history.  He pointed out that, due to its geographical location and natural beauty, Northern Cyprus has had some of the oldest civilizations in history and it is rich in terms of historical artefacts.

“It is an important task for mankind to increase the quality by duplicating and enriching the museums which have an historical memory value for humanity, the cultural values are exhibited in the same way as the civilizations bridging the past and the future. Our department is doing important work in this area as in every other area”.

Ataoğlu stated that in recent years they have carried out important work in order to gain innovations to our country and to accelerate the development process of the existing museums. He noted that all the museums in the country continued their studies to become places of culture and arts.

The Ministry of Antiquities and Heritage has 29 museums and stated that they are working to increase this number. Minister Ataoglu remarked that Iskele had recently opened an Archaeology Museum after 27 years.

Ataoğlu, stated that four new museums will be opened in the country by the end of this year, and announced that the number of museum visitors over the past year has increased to over one million.

The 4 museums being worked on and which are to be opened in 2018 will be the projects of Girne Fine Arts Museum which has been prepared and the tender process started, the Namık Kemal Museum in the Famagusta area, the Lusignan House in Nicosia and the Büyükkonuk Icon Museum.

Ataoğlu went on to say:

“In about two years in office, we have constantly produced projects in order to bring museums to the country. Güzelyurt Nature Museum has been restored and has met with many new visitors. We have started the restoration of Güzelyurt Railway Station.  After the restoration work which has been started in the historic Vasaf Palas in Lefke, the interior will be completed and this will again create more interest for visitors.