September 30, 2023


In the photography competition entitled “ENVIRONMENT” organized by the Ministry of Environment and Environmental Protection under the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, Achievement Awards were given to Başar Taşlı, Yıltan Taşcı and Nazım Kaşot.

As a result of the evaluations made by the selective committee of Cypriot photographers Buket Özatay, Mustafa Evirgen and Hasan Bağlar, Başar Taşlı received the first prize with the photo “No Breathe”, second prize was awarded to Yiltan Taşci with the photo named “One Green Point” and third prize to Nazım Kaşot for the photo named “Serenity of the Snake”.

In addition, with the photo named “Destruction”, Hüseyin Çekirdek was awarded the Special Prize of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and Süleyman Kaplan was awarded the Jury Special Award with the photo named “Sand Princess”.

Tevfik Ulual received an award from the Environmental Protection Agency for the photo of “Red Water” and Başar Taşli also received an honorable mention award for his photo “We are being Poisoned”.

As a result of the selection made from a total of 231 photographs of the selection committee, 51 items from 21 participants were worthy of being exhibited.

The awards will be presented at the opening of the exhibition on 5th June 2018 at 19:30. The first photographer will receive 3000TL, the second photographer will receive 2000TL, and the third photographer will receive 1000TL. In addition, the photographer who has won the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, the Special Prize of the Jury and the Special Prize of the Environmental Protection Agency, will be awarded accommodation for two nights at the Kaya Artemis Hotel. A plaque will be given to the photographer who receives the honorable mention. A participation certificate will be given to all participants whose works will be exhibited in the ENVIRONMENT photo contest.

The photographers’ works to be exhibited in the photography exhibition, which has the theme of ENVIRONMENT, are listed as follows :-

1- (First Prize), Başar Taşlı, “No Breathe”
2- (Second Prize), Yıltan Taşcı, “Single Green Point”
3- (Third Prize), Nazım Kaşot, “Serenity of the Snake”
4- Special Prize of Ministry of Tourism and Environment, Hüseyin Kernel, “Destruction”
5- Special Prize of the Jury, Süleyman Kaplan, “Sand Princess”
6- Special Prize of Environmental Protection Agency, Tevfik Ulual, “Red Water”
7- Honorable Mention, Başar Taşlı, “We Are Being Poisoned”

In addition to these awards, the photographers and works which will be exhibited are as follows:

1- Aslı Elder, 1 exhibit
2- Ayşe Gökyiğit, 2 exhibits
3 – Başar Taşli, 2 exhibits
4- Burak Ali Cicek, 1 exhibit
5- Dolgun Dalgıçoğlu, 2 exhibits
6- Erkan Celikeri, 3 exhibits
7- Fergün Ulual, 1 exhibit
8- Gülnur Tokay, 1 exhibit
9- Hasan Karlıtaş, 1 exhibit
10- Hüseyin Çekirdeki 2 exhibits
11- İnci Oran, 1 exhibit
12- Kemal Atay, 2 exhibits
13- Kornelia Pogel Sonsal, 1 exhibit
14- Mehmet Gökyiğit, 5 exhibits
15- Niyazi Türkseven, 3 exhibits
16- Saydam Soy, 2 exhibits
17- Süleyman Kaplan, 3 exhibits
18- Tevfik Ulual, 4 exhibits
19- Türkay Teralı, 1 exhibit
20- Veysi Canateş, 1 exhibit
21- Yıltan Taşcı, 5 exhibits

The exhibition opening and award ceremony will be at 19.30 on 5th June and the works chosen by the selection committee will be exhibited at the Lefkoşa Atatürk Cultural Centre Exhibition Hall between 5-8 June.

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