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Please give Odin a Hope 4 Pets dog a home


We have received to following plea from Stephanie Harrison-Croft of the Hope 4 Pets charity and are sharing this and hope that perhaps one of our local readers will give a forever home to ODIN.

The lovely handsome Odin,  a H4P kennel dog, is still hoping to spend his later years in a loving home and not behind bars.

H4P took Odin under their wing on 3/9/2016 (that’s a lot of days, 618 to be precise) after basically being deserted and pushed away on several occasions and he has remained in private kennels ever since .

He is a grand boy who deserves some peace and love in his later years. He is healthy and just awaits your love and commitment and if you would please give this handsome boy a chance before his time runs out then it would mean the world to him.

Please, please, please will someone give him that break and give him peace in his later years. He has been let down on more than one occasion and he will return your love at every turn.

Thank you

Stephanie Harrison-Croft


For more information regarding Hope 4 Pets, do visit their Facebook Page click here or website click here


Please give Odin, a Hope 4 Pets dog, a home