Naughty Nico by Pamela Georgiou – Book Review


 By Margaret Sheard ….

I was surprised and pleased to receive a comment from Pamela Georgiou that she had located the articles I had produced about Newman’s Farm which she had found interesting as she was writing a book about her husband’s childhood in Cyprus.  

Nico and Pamela Georgiou

Pamela’s husband, a Greek Cypriot, lived in the north of Cyprus and his father had worked for the Newman family at the farm and Nico also remembered them from his childhood when he accompanied his father to the farm.

I was advised that the book had been published on Kindle, Kobo and iBook. I downloaded it on Kindle through Amazon and proceeded to read all about Nico and his childhood escapades.    It is a very interesting account of life in Cyprus post WW2 and the way in which people coped during those times when it was difficult to find work to feed and clothe a family.

Photo courtesy of Richard Chamberlain

Nico was a very adventurous boy, hence his nickname by his sisters of “Naughty Nico”.  He got into all sorts of scrapes and incidents and now looks back on those days with fond memories, as has been written by his wife.    Pamela has said that she had heard so much about her husband’s childhood that she felt compelled to write a book about it.

I was very interested in the section which recalled the time Nico’s father worked at Newman’s Farm and his association with Mr Charles (the son of the original founders Philip and Evelyn Newman).  Nico also accompanied his father to the farm and earned a little pocket money doing odd jobs for the Newmans, he also remembers the family and the animals.

I am sure that many of the boyish pranks that Nico either headed or was involved in will remind many now much older Cypriot men of their boyhood and although some of these would probably only have happened in Cyprus, a lot of men the world over will be able to relate to the way of life at that time and some of Nico’s naughty escapades

This is a delightful and humorous short story through the eyes of a child of the time and well worth a read.  It is not currently available as a paperback.  Pamela was also able to make contact with our own Richard Chamberlain and has included some of his photographs in the book which were taken at the time of Nico’s childhood.

When I first had contact with Pamela I put her in touch with Pat Newman, the grand-daughter of Philip and Evelyn Newman who built a house and started the farm, where they lived from 1922 to 1959, Pat was the daughter of Charlie Newman and was born at the time the family still lived at the farm although she was only 1 year old when the family returned to the UK.

Newman’s Farm has long gone and part of it is now the site of The Chinese House Restaurant.  The remains of the original farmhouse which eventually were reduced to a single storey, is still part of the restaurant, although very different to how it would have been back in those earlier years.   The land at the rear of the farmhouse which went down to the sea is now part of a military base.

Pamela and her husband, together with his sister met up with Pat Newman and her husband Fred and found that they lived within a couple of miles of each other in the London area and they spent a very emotional, yet happy, afternoon together.  Pat is always very keen to meet people who remember her father so I am sure she was very pleased to meet up with Pamela, Nico and his sister and to hear some of the memories about her origins.

To purchase and download the Kindle edition go to Amazon UK and search for Naughty Nico by Pamela Georgiou.