President Akıncı: “East-Med pipeline not a route to peace”


Following the 4th trilateral meeting of South Cyprus, Greece and Israel in Nicosia to discuss a natural gas pipeline from Eastern Mediterranean to Crete-Greece-Italy, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus President Mustafa Akıncı highlighted that the pipeline project does not offer a route to peace.

In a written statement President Akıncı said that Tsipras and Anastasiades agreed on moving the East-Med project which aims to carry East Mediterranean natural gas to Europe through Southern Cyprus, Crete, Greece and Italy one step ahead.

President Akıncı said that it is not possible to contribute to peace and stability in the area by wilfully excluding Turkish Cypriots and Turkey. Underlining that the Turkish Cypriots had rights to the island’s natural resources, Akıncı said that it would be more logical to manage the issue on the basis of mutual benefits, and transfer it through Turkey would be the shortest, cheapest and fastest route.

“This is the logical way to serve peace and stability and contribute to a solution in Cyprus,” Akıncı said.

Pointing out that South Cyprus, Greece and Israel will sign an agreement for the project route in 2018, Akıncı stressed that the European Union (EU) provided financing support for this project. “A new one is about to be added to the grave mistake of taking only Southern Cyprus to the EU 14 years ago” Akıncı warned, underlining that the Greek Cypriot side, which moved further away from solution following the EU membership will never have enough motivation which is already too little for the solution provided that they own the natural riches alone and manage to transfer them to Europe by excluding the Turkish Cypriot side and Turkey.