July 2, 2022


Review of the Paper Touch 2 exhibition at Sol Atelier in Nicosia which was held from 17th to 28th April 2018.

By Heidi Trautmann …

Arabahmet quarters…. A road along the green line …. Baf Sokak and not far from here, just around the corner it is Pafos Sokak which leads to Pafos Gate in the South, one road inhabited by Greek Cypriots, the other half by Turkish Cypriots, cut in the middle.

Ismet Tatar and Esra Plümer Bardak

Along Baf Sokak active workshops…carpenters, steel workers, a special atmosphere I have always liked, for the full hour one hears the bells ring from the catholic church over the dividing wall and at its times the Muezzin calls are heard answering back. And here in this road is SOL Atelier renovated in a fitting way, a place for making art and exhibiting art, a place that is not a foreign body in this area, accepted, another working place….. and… when you enter the building….it is WOW… it is sensitive architecture.

I had to tell this, do this introduction to the gallery where the opening of the exhibition PAPER TOUCH 2 took place on April 17, 2018, on a wonderful early summer night. I had announced the event with all the information on the Association and its activities and background.  To see this click here

Paper in its use and paper making is so close to basic life, so close to the old workshops in Baf Sokak, and the exhibition added an experience of a similar kind, as art in general has moved away from the idea of decorating the walls of our living rooms, it has taken on the problems of  the neighbourhood, of the entire world, it goes to the very roots of humanity, and paper, the making of paper, the reuse of paper, is one of them.

One cannot see and judge the exhibition by the individual art works, we should see it as an idea, a vision, a play with many variants, endless variants when we research paper art, it has become an international movement.  It is an inspiring and adventurous exhibition, an art form without any limits.

The young members of the association had done a great job in setting the exhibition up with great sensitivity which was commented on by many guests, and as a participating artist, I would like to say thank you.

On April 20, 17:00 hrs, there was the presentation of Sofia Hadjipapa on  “Persistence of Symbols”,  a contemporary “Book of Hours”;

On April 24, 15:00 hrs:  A workshop with Laura Behar;

Enjoy the photos, I will not mention the artists’ names for the sake of the vision of paper art.

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