Party night at Sartaj Restaurant, Catalkoy


By Margaret Sheard …

Peter Toms and Wendy Smith are very much party people and they arranged an event on Thursday 3rd May at Sartaj Restaurant in Catalkoy for friends to come and enjoy an evening together.

There were 40-45 people who arrived to have a meal, chat together and listen, dance and sing along to the music of Gavin who was providing the entertainment that night.

The waiters were busy serving drinks and they took orders for starters and then main courses table by table.  With such a large number of guests that evening, Khan and his staff did very well to cater for everyone’s choices from the menu, for which he had agreed a special group price of 45TL for 2 courses, coffee and brandy.

It was not long before people were up dancing to Gavin’s music, in between eating, chatting and generally having a good time.  We had lists on the tables of Gavin’s very extensive repertoire and enjoyed hearing many of the old time favourites from the 60’s, 70’s plus many more styles of music during the evening.

Peter’s brother, Colin, and his wife Doreen (D’reen) were in North Cyprus on holiday.  D’reen suffers ill health and has a carer, Alison, who had accompanied them with her partner Paul.  She has been looking after D’reen for 2 years and said it is a wonderful job and they are like family to her.

Then a touch of romance crept in.  While they were dancing Paul asked Alison to marry him and she said YES.   Peter made an announcement about the happy occasion and there were congratulations all round.   We spoke with the happy couple, who are from Rochdale in the UK and were told they had been together for 10 years, I said something like “it took you long enough” and he replied “everything comes to those who wait”.  Alison looked over the moon and very happy, as were Peter, Wendy, Colin and D’reen.

The evening continued with music and dancing and everyone seemed to really enjoy this get-together, which will probably not be the last.

Thank you Gavin for keeping everyone dancing and to Khan and your staff, you did us proud, well done to you all, thank you for an excellent evening.