August 9, 2022


 By Margaret Sheard …

Despite all the problems KAR have been experiencing for the past few weeks, they are still continuing to do what they do best – caring for unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats in North Cyprus.  

They are still not over the distemper crisis but there is still the need to deal with the day to day problems which arise, even though they are stretched to the limit at the moment.

KAR has received tremendous support in their fight against the distemper outbreak and they have provided news of some of the help they have received and help they need.

Firstly, there is the “Little Angel” – Mary Gorelik who is 7½ years old and having heard about the “sick doggies” she emptied her toy cupboard and donated toys to be sold to help them.  These are now available at the House and Home shop in Girne.

There have been very generous donations of clothing and home furnishings but now all of this needs to be sorted and help is needed.   If you can spare a few hours to turn “rags into riches” please call the KAR office on 0533 869 4098, or email  or pop into the Karakum Office.

The new Mr Pound store located on the by-pass road now has the new KAR collection box and this is close to the reception area and café.   Any loose change would be appreciated.

KAR really appreciate all of the donations of money, clothing, household goods etc. but they also need people who can give them some of their time.  They rely on volunteers to lend a hand and there are various roles which can be filled.

Their fantastic volunteers have a variety of reasons for volunteering. For some it gives them a chance to give something back to the community. For some people they are new to the Island and want to build a social network. For others it could be boredom and gives them a sense of purpose. There are also regular visitors to the island who live in Kyrenia and volunteer for a few months of the year

IT’S GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH: No KAR aren’t making this up! Studies have found that when you stop thinking less about your own problems and focus on something else your stress levels start to decrease, your immune system strengthens and your overall sense of satisfaction increases (source United Health Group).

So, which role would suit you?

Charity Shops – this role involves serving customers, sorting and pricing clothes. Many volunteers are retired and come to work in the shops for one morning or afternoon per week. This can be quite a social role working with members of the public and other KAR volunteers – you need to be friendly, polite and willing to help – even if you are not in the TRNC permanently KAR still need your help.

At the KAR centre – With over 350 dogs and puppies and over 50 cats and kittens there is always plenty to do at the rescue centre. Dog walking, feeding, cleaning, grooming are all part and parcel of working at the rescue centre. You absolutely have to be animal friendly (even if not so Human  friendly!!)

Meeters and Greeters – Now that the TRNC visitor season is upon us, we often need meeters and greeters to show visitors around the centre and talk to them about what KAR do. It is quite a social role so you need to be human friendly and chatty !

To become a volunteer simply contact our office on 0533 869 4098 or email us at

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