Flying high with


 By Margaret Sheard …

Thursday is usually a busy office day for us but there was apparently a new project to be discussed at Geçitkale Airport, even though I was kept in the dark as to what it was all about.

My suspicions were confirmed when we arrived and I found that Chris had arranged with Flight Instructor Serkan Özcezarli of the TRNC Air Sports Federation to let me sample a flight in their Gyrocopter.   What an amazing experience.   I did wonder what would have happened if I had developed cold feet, but Chris knew I wouldn’t!

We have a nice video and loads of photographs so Chris is now busy with a compilation video of my experience which will be published next week both on the cyprusscene website and the online Enewspaper.

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    • Maybe in the future but not at the moment. My article with a video will be published soon which you may enjoy reading.

      • I got really interested in this piece of news as we will be in our villa for a few weeks later this year. In October it is my husband’s 70th birthday on the10th and I thought YES! what a lovely present for him. Then I read “not available to the public”!!
        What a disappointment – I would rather have not even known about it! 😔
        I know there is paragliding but I bought him that last year as an anniversary present! Regards from ‘disappointed of Bellapais’!

      • Why not contact Serkan through Facebook and see if there is anything he can do for you in October. At the moment there is only one Gyrocopter which is used for training but maybe by October the situation could be different. Worth a try.