Rising Badminton stars of the TRNC


By Ahmet Abdulaziz …

Badminton is one such form of sports, which is not very popular in TRNC, where youngsters and elders alike are more interested in football. But still there are some badminton loving people who are trying hard to popularise the game of badminton in TRNC. They are indeed successful to a great extent in their endeavours.

SEYMEN GÜLAY DENİZ and EREN ÖZUYANIJ are two local, budding badminton loving youngsters, who represent the improvement of the game standard in TRNC.

Seymen and Eren

Both 15 years of age, they have made their mark in the local badminton circles by sweeping through most of the local tournaments, in various categories.  They have tasted the out of TRNC tournaments also, and now carry with them a good knowledge of the game, experience and self confidence. Full of energy, these youngsters have their eyes set for participation and achievement of good results in international tournaments.

Seymen, started badminton at a very young age, under recommendation of his father, who is not only the coach but also the President of the TRNC Badminton Federation. With hard work and dedication, he made his mark in the badminton circles. Over the last few years, Seyman has won the Under 11, Under 13, Under 15, Under 17 and Under 19 badminton tournaments in the TRNC.  Out of TRNC Seyman got fifth position in the mixed section of badminton the tournament in Bulgaria.  He also got the 16th position while playing mixed doubles in an International tournament in Turkey.

Fifteen year old Eren Özuyanık, started with tennis when in class three of primary school. She was also active in gymnastics. She started playing badminton also at a very young age, but later on decided to concentrate more on badminton, and left playing tennis. All of this was possible due to the active support of her parents. Her younger brother also plays badminton.

Eren has got a long list of her achievements in the field of badminton.  Starting from the year 2012, she has  won almost all of the tournaments in various years, in different categories. She also represented  the TRNC in international tournaments in Bulgaria and Turkey, where by playing against international players, she got much needed experience, which is a must for improving her performance.

She is a bright student and aims to become a doctor.

Both of these two young badminton players are expected to rise to further heights in future, and would bring honours not only for themselves but also would bring a good name to the TRNC.