Labour Day, what’s it all about?


By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

Labour Day is just around the corner. As in the past the whole world will be celebrating  Labour Day on 1st of May. The day basically aims to raise the general awareness of the importance of labour in our daily lives.

The day aims to make us realise the value of the hard labour that a person puts in to earn a living. The labour makes us to realise that a labourer is also a human being, and should also be treated with dignity. The day aims to let the labourers realise the real value and importance of their hard labour, by having a better knowledge of their rights. The day aims to make the entrepreneur realise their duties and responsibilities towards the workers working under them.

If we try to list what Labour Day stands for, a long list can be penned. But how far does all this, that has been listed down, have been understood, accepted, and implemented by all those concerned. That is the most important question, and this is what we all must ask ourselves too.

How far does all concerned realise the seriousness of the issue of human labour. Unfortunately when we see incidents of workers falling from construction buildings, or small children working, or foreign girls forced into prostitution, etc etc, we do realise that there are people, both workers and the entrepreneurs, who do not give any importance to workers. The fact is that those entrepreneurs who do misuse the weaknesses of the labourers, do not respect human beings at all.

Every 1st May, we see a big contrast in our own society. On one side we see some big bosses, coming out of their posh air-conditioned offices and cars to issue statements emphasising the value of the human labour. A part of our society enjoy Labour Day holidays and go out sightseeing and have family get togethers, whereas on the other side a big number of labourers work under the sun on the same day.

Isn’t it something that we all must notice? The government should either declare 1st May as a full working day for all, or a full day holiday for all. The way the public sector enjoys the full day holiday and most of the private sector works, exhibits the double standards of our society.

This also shows that we all consider Labour Day as a ceremonial day only, without realising the real idea behind it.