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Lefke Museum will be completed in 6 months


According to the protocol signed between the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and the Lefke Municipality within the scope of the activities of the Ministry to provide museums for every province, the studies researching the history of Vasif Palace and recreating it have been completed.

As a result of the contract signed between the relevant authorities, restoration work of the Vasıf Palace building is being started within the next week.

Approximately 8 months ago, between the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and Lefke Municipality, and as a result of the works carried out on behalf of the museum in the Lefke region, the Department of Antiquities and Museums prepared a restoration project for the building first and the building was passed to the tender process.

There was a delay with the project due to the elections, and restoration work is starting after the contract signed today. The restoration work will be completed in 6 months and the museum will be opened after the interior arrangement has been completed.

Lefke Mayor Aziz Kaya, at the signing ceremony, expressed the need for such a project in the Lefke region and said that they would like to work in cooperation with the Ministry in respect of new projects.

Kaya gave thanks to Minister Atatoğlu for the investments made in terms of the development of the region and he hoped the project would be beneficial to the people of the region.

Fikri Ataoglu, Minister of Tourism and Environment, spoke at the signature ceremony, pointing to the importance of the museum and ruins, “the most valuable asset of the country is the historical artefacts” he said.

“As long as we take possession of our heritage, we will work for future generations and bring value to our country. Lefke is rich in culture, tourism and history. Ataoğlu said that the history of Cyprus is very rich, that many civilizations have shown their presence in the island and that they leave a great number of artefacts.  It is important for us to exhibit these artefacts for the benefit of tourism.

Ataoglu emphasized that the restoration of the Guzelyurt railway station is ongoing and that they will open a new Archaeology Museum in the Iskele area on April 30th and said that they are beginning to experience a step-by-step life in the museum project.