North Cyprus : Planting seedlings in Lefke for the environment


Planting seedlings for nature, which is to be carried out by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment’s Environmental Protection Agency in all regions, was held in Lefke.

Fikri Ataoglu, Minister of Tourism and Environment, attended a planting event for a more liveable and green environment in the context of “Planting a seedling for Nature”. Lefke Mayor Aziz Kaya, representatives of some non-governmental organizations in the region, officials of the Environmental Protection Agency, Lefke Gazi High School and Cengiz Topel Industrial Vocational High School students and volunteers participated in the sapling planting held beside the Shooting Range in Lefke.

400 saplings were planted including hawthorn, olive, carob, eucalyptus and pine nut.  Irrigation will be done by the Municipality of Lefke and the area will be given as a picnic area in the future.

Fikri Ataoğlu, who spoke at the end of the sapling planting, said that as a Ministry this project will continue in every area by the Environmental Protection Agency of the Ministry and these areas will also become picnic areas.  He stated that the first activity was held in the Lefke region and said that these project studies will be now be carried out in other districts.

Recalling that they were criticized for planting seedlings in this season, Ataoğlu stated that the water connection and drip system will be established by the Municipality in the region and that no one should worry about the survival of the seedlings.

Referring to the studies for the city museum which is to be brought to the Lefke region, Ataoglu gave the good news that next week the tender will be completed and the restoration works of the place known as Vasaf Palas will begin with the protocol to be signed with the Department of Antiquities and Museums.

Ataoğlu thanked everyone who contributed and participated in the event.