June 27, 2022


By Chris Elliott….

Way back in February 2015 we were blessed with the arrival of a great fish and chip shop called Crispy Squid in Çatalköy and I can well remember a group of us that used to meet there on a regular basis for scrumptious meals.

Time moved on and we still go there when we can get an evening away from the publishing desk and we are not disappointed with what Pekin Odaci and his father Umit continue to serve to tantalise our palates.

On recent visits we learned that they were moving to a new and larger location on the other side of the main road and this boasts a large indoor dining area with a bar where you can sit and enjoy a drink and they are looking at expanding the menu choice as well so there are more surprises to come I guess.

We have called by in the past few days and seen family and friends moving equipment from the old Crispy Squid to their new restaurant and I called by today to be greeted by that famous smile from Pekin and his Dad who said “we made it and will be opening tonight”.

If we finish our CyprusScene.com Enewspaper publishing in time, we will be there to help them celebrate the great occasion.

To tempt you to visit the new Crispy Squid we are showing below a few pictures of all of the hard work involved to make the new Crispy Squid ready to greet you.

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  1. Will be along in due course as their Fish & Chips are excellent. Kelvin ALDUS

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