December 6, 2023


By Margaret Sheard …

Continuing following Yalçın and Stavros on their Journey into Cyprus – East to West for peace and reunification, we are giving days 9 to 12 of their walk and the last days when they reach Aphrodite’s Rock, Paphos will be the finalé next week.

After we met the boys on Day 8 in Bellapais they continued that day’s walk to St Hilarion.

Day 9 –  This was to Lefkoşa (Nicosia) where there was a huge crowd of people waiting to greet them.   They must have felt very emotional as they arrived at the Home for Cooperation where there were speeches of welcome and encouragement.  There was folk dancing and most people joined in to enjoy the occasion.

Day 10

Yalçın and Stavros also planted an indigenous Myrtle Tree at the Home for Cooperation. The Myrtle Tree has healing properties and they hope it will help to heal their beloved island of Cyprus.   The boys said “Thank you to Australia in Cyprus and High Commissioner to Cyprus Mr Alan Sweetman for his support and for picking up the shovel and digging with us”.

Day 10 – Nicosia to Kokkinotrimithia.  23.6km – 6 hours 10 minutes.  Joined by Matt, Heather, Olivia, Dimitra, Sophia, and a Beekeeper friend.

Day 11. Kokkinotrimithia to Flasou.  This was a long walk of 34km which took 10 hours 15 minutes.  The boys were joined by Nicole Hadjithomas, who walked 32km with them, Yalçın commented “She is a brave young girl with a beautiful soul”.

On arrival in Flasou they were warmly greeted by the Muhtar of the village Anthony and Dr. Sami drove all the way from Morphou to see them with Ekmek Kadaif and ice cream. There was a wonderful welcome by Dinos and friends.  This walk was through endless fields which were showing the signs of Spring arriving in Cyprus.

Day 12 – Flasou to Pano Amiantos walking with Amanda, Heather and Matt. They travelled through beautiful villages, past flowing creeks and with good company.

Yalçın and Stavros are joined by Amanda, Heather and Matt

We will continue next week with Days 13 – 16 and the end of this epic journey for Yalçın and Stavros.  What a great achievement for them.  They must have many memories already from their walk so far and even more to come during the final few days of their journey.

To see more information about this journey visit their Facebook page by clicking here 

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