December 10, 2023


By Ahmet Abdulaziz………

April is the month of sickness for me as I do not remember any April when I did not get sick.

I am sure it’s not just me alone who considers this month as the month of sickness. Frequently I see people sneezing, coughing and getting flu in this season. But it is something different when I get sick.

When I get sick, I always feel as if it’s the last sickness of my life. One may misunderstand by this statement, so I must clarify. When I get sick, I always feel that this is the end of my life, and I would not get healthy again. This is an extremely depressive feeling but this is how I feel. In other sectors of my life, I do not get depressed so easily, and my friends do know me as a positive and optimistic person, which I am.

But this is my annual April sickness that is one exception. I had been through serious sicknesses in my life, but I never lost my optimistic spirit, but I simply cannot stand this sneezing, coughing, flu and cold. I have an inbuilt system that when I start sneezing it does not stop after the first. Sometimes it is four sometimes six sometimes seven. One can very well understand, that with the nose running, eyes watering, and whole body in pain, how do I feel when sneezing repeatedly. At home it is rather manageable, but at the workplace, it is the worst thing for me to experience. But there is no way out for me, particularly due to the nature of my work, I cannot afford to stay at home in April.

Interestingly, I can very well understand the undisclosed feeling of the person on the other end of the phone line, when I start sneezing repeatedly while on phone. Sometimes I try to visualise the feelings or reaction of the person on the other end of the phone, by putting myself in his place. I must say that I laugh at myself, while even thinking about his feelings and reactions. But that’s not all. I simply cannot understand why the person on the other end of the line does not put the phone down, when I start sneezing. I wonder why do they still wait to continue talking to me, under these conditions. Perhaps they do not know how much weakness I feel after sneezing six or seven times in a row, but they still want to continue, whereas I do not.

As I am writing these lines, I consider myself lucky that as yet I have not started sneezing. This is how I am completing this write-up.

In the end, I must say, that I get rid of this situation in a week when I use medication, and in seven days when I do not use medication, it makes no difference!


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