The award to Peri Sualp.

By Chris Elliott….. website and our new Enewspaper have become very successful but without the contributions of some of our brilliant writers, or those that have helped us our popularity would not have become so widespread.

Margaret Sheard and I thought about this and felt we would like to show appreciation and give credit where credit is due and decided  this could be done through the presentation of a award to these people and also some of those people who have worked hard to promote the TRNC.

It is a case of ladies first and a young one at that when we visited the home of Peri Sualp  a 12 year old pupil at the English School of Kyrenia and presented her with our award for writing many fine articles about a wide range of subjects.

Just sitting and talking to her, you realise that she is highly talented young lady being able to play the piano, dance and, as many people know, sing at international events both here in North Cyprus and Turkey. Couple this with her interest in many aspects of life and her writing clearly she has a great future and we wish her every success.