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KAR neutering project gets a huge boost


At last KAR has managed to employ the services of a qualified Vet to work solely for three days a week at our Vet clinic in the KAR office premises in Karakum.

This is a huge benefit to the numbers of street animals we are able to neuter – as we previously had been controlled by the veterinary costs imposed in using the private sector. We would like to thank the Veterinary Association in helping us to find a suitable qualified Vet who is able to join our team.

KAR are expanding their Cat Neutering Programme and offering free neutering for any street/feral cats.

Some important facts – A female can produce 3 to 7 kittens every 4 months and a female cat can become pregnant as young as 5 months old. 1 Female + 1 Male cat x 7 years = 420,000 offspring.

All cats that we neuter will have the tip cut off their left ear which is an International sign that they have been neutered. All cats must be from the streets and must not have an owner. No owned cats will be neutered. Whilst being neutered the cats will also be given treatments for internal parasites and health checked. If any are found to have any health problems they will be given treatments accordingly by our Vet.

KAR has a very experienced Cat Catching Team and specialist equipment for catching feral cats. From our office in Karakum we will be running an equipment loan scheme and for a returnable deposit we will loan out and give instructions on the use of traps and baskets.

We will depend on the public to inform of us of any large colonies of cats in their area. A report will be made to include an idea of numbers of cats and some other information, in particular the name and contact details for whoever is feeding this group would be very helpful.

Our cat catching team will arrange a date to visit to collect the cats. They will be kept overnight to recover following the operation and will be returned to the same place the following day. Individuals who are feeding small numbers of street cats will be encouraged to catch them and bring them into the clinic at Karakum for a pre booked appointment on an arranged day and will be asked to collect them later that same day. They will be asked to keep them overnight in a quiet, dark area in their travel boxes until releasing them the following morning.

KAR will only return cats to an area that they have been removed from. If there is a cat problem reported and there is a request that the cats be removed KAR representatives will visit and talk through the problems and give help and advice on how to overcome particular problems.

KAR have neutered over 9,000 cats in the last 16 years. We feel this has made a big impact in the population of street cats in the Girne area but there is still a great deal of work to do. We are offering help and advice also to other areas if we can ask groups or individuals to contact us to see how we can help them.

Whilst we advertise that this is a free service we do ask for donations towards our costs to run such a programme.  These donations will be aimed at  the programme costs for medications, Veterinary wage,  replacement of equipment, cleaning supplies, utilities, running of our vehicle etc. All of which are essential in order to run a successful neutering programme. We do not ask for a particular amount but ask for a donation of whatever the person or group can afford to give.

These street cats are part of the integral part of life here in the TRNC and belong to the community as a whole. It is every person’s responsibility to love and care for all living animals.

Between us we can and will make a difference!!!

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    • Hi Sarah,

      Yes there are a number of initiatives by NGO’s here in Northern Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) but as for South Cyprus we cannot answer your question