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Serkan Ilseven – 6th Solo Exhibition ‘Sastruga : Borders : Immigration’


By Heidi Trautmann …

Review of exhibition held March 26-31, 2018 at the Atatürk Cultural Centre in Nicosia.

Serkan Ilseven – 6th Solo Exhibition ‘Sastruga – Borders – Immigration’

Assistant Professor Dr. Serkan Ilseven was born in Cyprus in 1966; he is a multi-faceted personality with many interests. Today he is the Manager of the Financial, Technical Administration in the TRNC Parliament but also lecturer at Near East University in the Department of Environmental Education. He has written several books and articles with reference to environment and geography.

With his 6th exhibition of paintings we meet the painter Serkan Ilseven, who gives his thoughts about ‘Sastruga – Borders – Immigration’ a body, makes his thoughts visible. Hidden in the vividly coloured large paintings you find those who are behind bars, limitations, which are in forbidden zones; there are donkeys and birds behind fences, and people, refugees, immigrants, or also prisoners of restrictive laws, fencing in? Quite intimidating, lines of limitations everywhere.

Serkan Ilseven gave the opening speech himself and invited HE Mustafa Akinci to cut the ribbon and open the exhibition. Many of his artist friends had come and his work excited discussions.

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