Girne Municipality Health Branch visit Lapta Nursing Home


Girne Municipality Health Branch employees visited municipality members benefitting from the Second Spring Project at Lapta Nursing Home.

Health Branch staff visited Lapta Nursing Home, which is affiliated to Ministry of Labour and Social Security, and chatted with the elderly people, benefitting from the Second Spring Project of the Municipality. The workers exchanged information about the care of the elderly and chatted. The Health Branch staff presented flowers to the Second Spring members and also provided bed linen following a request from the nursing home.

GÜNGÖRDÜ:  We have a duty to help the aged

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü, in his statement on the subject, emphasized that it is the duty of humanity and citizens to help the aged and their problems, “We must always keep in mind that we all will reach old age one day. The most precious treasures of our life are being celebrated in the week of our old people, offering love and respect”.