Potholes on the Girne Mountain Road filled and resurfaced

By Chris Elliott…..

It’s good news this week for local TRNC road users from The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation that further road repairs have been carried out on the Çatalköy-Değirmenlik Road (Girne mountain road) which were completed today as under:

“A team of workers from the Highways Department renewed the spots of the potholes which caused danger regarding traffic safety.

Works to fill and resurface the potholes on the Çatalköy-Değirmenlik Road  (Girne mountain road) have been completed today

Minister of Public Works and Transportation Tolga Atakan made a statement on Tuesday saying that the potholes near Arapköy junction will be filled and resurfaced and the work was planned to be completed by today (23.03.2018).

Source: Minister of Public Works and Transportation