Animal care

KAR to the rescue for 6 teenagers!

By Kim Betts – KAR …

KAR were recently contacted by a very upset lady – Jacky, who has 2 dogs of her own.  In the summer of 2017 she had found 6 tiny puppies by the side of the road – there were no signs of any owners or Mum in the area and Jacky knew they would not be able to fend for themselves.

Jacky took them home, to Alsancak, with the intention of caring for them while finding them homes.

The weeks staying at Jacky’s turned into months and the puppies grew … and grew. They were becoming more and more adventurous and Jacky spent lots of money having fences erected, vaccinating the dogs and having the females spayed. She tried everything she could to home them – advertising them, posting them on an animal charities face book page but they could only “share” her request for homes – she was doing her very best to re-home them. In the meantime the pups grew and grew into energetic teenagers and began to squabble amongst themselves at times.

New neighbours moved in next to Jacky and were not amused by the doggy teenagers’ sometimes noisy, antics. They complained to Alsancak Belediyesi. The authorities paid Jacky a visit and discovered that none of the 8 dogs at the premises were micro chipped or registered with the Belediyesi. As a consequence they would only allow Jacky to have 2 dogs and so they were going to remove the 6 teenagers. Jacky was so upset and pleaded for some time – she was given 24 hours before the Belediyesi would come back and take the dogs away (they could not/would not say to where!!!)

Jacky went immediately to her vet to see if he could help. Fuat (from Garfield’s) contacted the Belediyesi – after discussions they finally agreed to a 24 hour extension but only if KAR agreed to have them. They warned that if the dogs were still there then they WOULD be removed and taken away (but they still could not/would not say to where they would be taken).

In desperation Fuat and Jacky contacted KAR and explained – Jacky was distraught at what the Belediyesi would do to the dogs if they took them away.

KAR juggled with desperately scarce space and moved various dogs around and managed to just about free up some space for the 6 teens. It was arranged that Jacky would continue to try and re-home them and would try and find people to go and walk the dogs.

Jacky took her “teens” to the Centre – as you can imagine it was a very emotional time for her.

However she was pleased to see what good condition the Centre dogs were in and how happy they are. She was also pleased that she could see how much the staff and volunteers really do care about the dogs (and cats) in their care – her “teens” would be as safe as KAR could make them – but still a home is what they all needed.

If you can offer them a home – or have a couple of hours to walk them then please go to the KAR Rescue Centre.  Jacky did what she thought was the right thing initially for the pups but it does go to show how things, despite the best of intentions, can spiral and then go wrong.