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4th International Women’s Workshop : Paper Art at the Public Library

By Heidi Trautmann …

Thank you Inci Kansu for the introduction into the history of paper art….

Here is my review on one of the events of our paper art association and further links to other events in the past. There will be a new annual exhibition ‘PAPER TOUCH 2 in Nicosia at the SOL Atelier 17th to 28th April 2018.

Nov 23-Dec 02: The Touch of Paper – Symposium and Exhibition at Ismet Vehit Güney Art Centre Nicosia

Inci Kansu

On the occasion of the 1st Anniversary of the KKSD/ACPA / Association of Cyprus Paper Artists

By Heidi Trautmann

Paper Art is has become a very successful trend in the international art scene and is being more and more recognized in the form of associations, museums, workshops and exhibitions. What exactly is behind it many may wonder. The Association of Cyprus Paper Artists is about to give an introduction to Paper Art, its history and presence of today and tomorrow, in the form of a symposium and exhibition on the occasion of the association’s first anniversary and the 30th anniversary of IAPMA the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists.  Members of IAPMA as well as of the Turkish sister association KSD, and members from Amateras Foundation (Bulgaria) will be taking part.

Especially for this event a “Post Card Project” was created;  congratulatory artistic post cards, sent by 65 IAPMA members will also be exhibited.

Paper artists have been present in Cyprus for many years, a handful only, but are growing in members since the founding of the association. The first local paper artists became members of IAPMA and have been taking part in worldwide events; I have been reporting on them regularly from the very beginning in the local media and on my website, and their stories are included in my book ‘Art and Creativity in North Cyprus’.  I had the pleasure to meet many international paper artists on IAPMA’s 25th anniversary with a weeklong symposium and exhibition at the Near East University, and they came visiting to our garden in Yeşiltepe where they found many new plants for new paper experiments.

The basic idea is to produce your own paper from what nature gives you, but also to recycle paper that floods our homes. The many ways artists use such paper to make their art are far reaching and I often was amazed at ever new forms and ideas.

Our local Association of Cyprus Paper Artists Association have the aim to introduce and promulgate Paper Art to the public by disseminating information and knowledge by means of various activities; also to educate and demonstrate the many possibilities of the medium paper; to work together with local and international artists and to learn from each other and thus recognize our cultural diversities and riches under the peaceful roof of art.

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