Animal care

Frodo, an Ambassador for Hope4Pets

By Stephanie Harrison-Croft : H4P …

“What a wonderful afternoon at Necat British College in Alsancak today. Thank you so much to Susan Cater, the staff and all the wonderful children in Year 7 Top English for raising 325TL for H4P to enable us to help more animals in need.

It was a true delight to meet you all, and such a pleasure to meet a new upcoming generation with so much love and respect for animals.

We were so proud of the awesome Frodo who wallowed in the surrounding love and was a true ambassador for H4P and represented the rights and respect of all animals. Thanks also to Corinne Prior for Frodo’s sash for today and to Bill Harrison-Croft for supporting us.”

There were some nice comments when this appeared on Facebook and shows the wonderful work being done for unwanted and abandoned animals by H4P.

Susie Georgeson : I can hardly believe it’s the same dog who was terrified of people and hiding behind a rock in the football ground, until you rescued him. What a big beautiful boy he is.

Elizabeth Stowell : Elizabeth is an administrator in this group. Just wonderful, Stephanie Harrison-Croft, Frodo doing what he does best, showing what a street dog treated with dignity, kindness and a whole lot of love can become. He is one very lucky dog to have you and Bill, and is now working to help Hope 4 Pets help all his brothers and sisters on the streets, the children looked like they really enjoyed their time with him x

Debbie Hooper : He is the most beautiful looking dog. You have truly worked wonders x

Susan Cater : We loved having him and he behaved impeccably. He was an absolute credit to H4P.

Janet Nicholls : Frodo you are so handsome! Way to go H4P educating the new generation. If it convinces one child that animals deserve cherishing, it’s a day well spent. X

Pam Kennedy : Great to hear you are going to schools to spread the word about animal welfare and how to change lives.