December 6, 2023

By Sue Steel – EFRAR 2018 Committee …

Kate Bell, 64, is a lady on a mission.  A mission to raise 10,000TL for EFRAR 2018 supporting Tulips.

Mrs Bell, a retired mortgage manager has lived in Esentepe with her husband, for just over 10 years. She has always wanted to join in the Fun Run but has always found herself in UK when the event has taken place.

However, having recently watched her male “Abnormal” friends having their heads shaved, she thought “I can do that too”.

Kate said: “Anyone who knows me, knows my hair is very important to me and having my head shaved is a huge thing for me to do but if I can raise at least 10,000TL then that is what I will do.

Cancer is an illness which unfortunately knocks on most doors and I have personally lost my father, father-in-law, aunts and uncles to cancer but have other dear family members and friends who have undergone the gruelling treatment and survived.

I hope my gesture will raise the 10,000TL and so help cancer sufferers, here in North Cyprus, with their treatment.”

Mary Watson, EFRAR 2918 Chair commented: “It is one thing for a man to have his head shaved but quite different for a woman. This easily demonstrates Kate’s commitment to raise money for EFRAR and Tulips and, in her own way, provide much needed support for cancer patients.”

Finally, Kate said “If everyone out there, in Northern Cyprus and the UK, who knows me, digs deep in their pockets to support me in reaching my goal, I will be eternally grateful. I plan to do this in early May, if I reach my target amount”

If you would like to sponsor Kate please contact her on


E.F.R.A.R. 2018 supporting Tulips

Raising money for TULIPS (Help Those With Cancer)


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