KKORD Off-road Championship this Sunday at Alagadi

By Ahmet Abdulaziz …

The 2018 KKORD Off-road Championship is starting this Sunday (11th March, 2018) in the Alagadi area.

The North Cyprus Off-road Association is organising the event with the organisational support of the Sports Department, Health Ministry and the Anti-drug commission of the Prime Ministry Office.

It will be the 5th race to be organised in memory of the late Veleddin Hudan, the ex off-road race enthusiast.

Alagadi race track is the most favourite track of the off-road race enthusiasts, who are expected to turn up to enjoy the event. The race will start at 10.30 am, and the participants will be entering the track with a distance of 3 minutes time in between.  The event is expected to be finished before 01.30pm, after which the winner will be announced. The participants have been grouped in 4 classes on the basis of the engine power of each car.

Apart from the government departments the event is being sponsored by North Cyprus Otomobile Club, Güven Sigorta, Bigibox and Energy FM.