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Help Prince to find a home

Readers Mail….
Carole Lloyd….

A beautiful dog was rescued from the harbour area last August and I am desperately trying to help to find a forever home for him.  

If I were younger and more agile I would certainly take him on but with my one own remaining dog now approaching 14 years, I feel it would not be sensible to introduce a young energetic dog to her, plus I would not be able to give Prince the exercise and attention he needs.

Prince has something he would like to say himself :

Hi everyone!!

Remember me, I’m Prince from Girne.  Apparently I was dumped by my “owner” at the harbour about 6 months ago.  I spent about 2 months relying on kind people around the George bar to feed me.  There I played with the other street dogs quite happily until I had an accident.  My hip had a slight fracture and I was taken to the lovely vet Niyazi at Petline.  He fixed my leg whilst I stayed in his hotel and was looked after by Joanna.  The day I was due to leave there, I had a test for something called Leishmaniasis and sadly “I’d got it”.   I was told it is ‘low level’ but because I need a special tablet every day I couldn’t go back on the street.  I heard people talking about putting me to sleep.  Anyway some kind people said no way!  I have been funded in the hotel since October and have had my tablets.   Recently I thought I may be going to be adopted, but sadly this fell through and looks like because of my problem I may be here for a long time.  Please can someone find it in their heart to love me as much as I would love you in return.   I love cuddles and kisses and people and other dogs.  xx

Prince would be a lovely companion and pet for someone, he enjoys cuddles (oh! and puddles!) he is very sociable, likes people and other dogs.  He is such a handsome fellow and if someone would like to give him a forever home he will lavish love in return.  All that is necessary is for his medication to be continued to monitor his small problem.  Prince is due to be neutered shortly and checks have been made with the UK authorities and it seems that so long as he passes all other requirements of the Pet Passport Scheme, his low level Leishmaniasis diagnosis would not be a problem for him even to go to the UK.

At the moment it is costing £100 per month to keep Prince “behind bars” which is necessary to ensure he receives his tablet every day, but this is no life for such a lovely dog.

If you can help please contact me on 0533 860 0357.  It would make my day if I could see Prince go to a nice home.