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KAR : Back to School Success!

By Tracy Sedgwick …

On the 26th February the Tropicana bar in Ozankoy hosted a ‘Back to School’ event. The event was to raise money for Kyrenia Animal Rescue and was organised by Jackie Kester a volunteer at KAR’s Rescue Centre.

Tropicana High School received a mini make-over and ‘school rules’ were displayed along with a huge geography map and white board. Students attending school (the seniors) made a fantastic effort with their school uniforms and generally got into the spirit of the evening. It was also Harvest Festival and each student brought a Harvest Festival food donation for the centre dogs and cats.

The ‘Head Mistress’ Ms Ballbraker (Tracy Sedgwick) also a volunteer for K.A.R. started the evening by ringing the bell for Assembly. Everyone sang the all time classic All Things Bright and Beautiful and were awarded ‘House Points’ for their music grades.

It was then Exam time, and all teams (house names were given to the teams) sat their exams (again)! The exam was based on real GCSE questions and each House was graded and given house points according to their grade, sad to say there were only 2 houses that received an ‘A’. Ms Ballbraker was not pleased!!!

After playtime there was a ‘parenting class’ and students made bids to take care of baby Matilda. The winning bid was made by Ergin Mehmet (Tropicana owner and head boy) but the baby went to Phil Wain who had to sit nursing Matilda for the rest of the evening. Phil did a great job and was very reluctant to give Matilda back at the end of the evening! Phil received 10 house points for his effort.

Then Ms Ballbraker asked the house teams a question “What was man’s best invention?”. The house team had 5 minutes to answer. Each team was asked in turn to give their answer and all the other teams voted for the best answer by applauding. Their applause was measured by a ‘clapometer’ and points were awarded to teams according to their ‘clapometer’ reading.

During the course of the evening one very rude student received the cane and thoroughly enjoyed it!

At the end of the evening prizes were given by a ‘real teacher’ from GAU for:

Most improved pupil- Carol Lloyd (Old Bailey House)

Best singer – David (Holloway House)

Parenting – Phil Wain (Approved House)

Smartest Uniform – Margaret (Remand House)

Most House points – Approved House

and there was a special prize for Chef Erol for his brilliant Cottage Pie and sponge and custard.

At the end of the evening the total amount raised was 1,432.85TL.  Thanks were given to Jackie Kester, the Tropicana Team and Ms Ballbraker for a fabulous evening.