Girne Municipality continues to improve its service vehicles

Road and sidewalk cleaning vehicles were purchased to provide better quality service to the citizens of the city

The Bel-Paz investment company affiliated to the Municipality of Girne has purchased 9 new vehicles and equipment used for cleaning roads and pavements, followed by vehicles that paint road signs and kerbstones. There are three city vehicles, which allow collection of leaves, cigarette butts etc, and 4 machines that allow sweeping of pavements. Approximately 214,000TL was spent on vehicles and equipment.

Güngördü: Cleaning work will be more effective

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü recalled that 2 garbage trucks, 3 dump trucks, 2 van lift and road sweeping vehicles and 2 hand sweep vehicles were put into service in 2016 to enable the Municipality to carry out cleaning jobs more efficiently. Nidai Güngördü stated that they have bought 9 new vehicles and equipment to improve the quality of service in cleaning. Güngördü noted that they do not release carbon monoxide gas to the environment during their work and that they are environmentally friendly since the vehicles and equipment work with electricity.