December 8, 2023

Readers Mail …
By Kim Betts… KAR …

We all love a happy ending but all too often for various reasons things do not go according to plan.   So it seemed for a young man, who was staying at Chateau Lambousa Hotel.

In July 2017 Silvia (from Czech Republic), had also been staying at the hotel and had fallen under the spell of a young handsome fair haired man with freckles!!!  She dined with him (no whine though !). She spent  time getting to know him, relaxed in the garden with him —- she was smitten and he seemed to feel the same about her.

But was it just to be another holiday romance??????

She wondered if he would be able to travel to Prague with her and had many questions so she contacted us.  Would he need a visa? How could they get a passport?  How could they book him a ticket to go with her? If he had to stay here, when she returned home, where would he live?

Each and every question was answered, by us, so that Silvia knew what the future would hold for her young man and their holiday romance.

Sadly she had to return to Prague leaving him behind. She had contacted suitable TRNC “lodging” premises about him staying there. It was all arranged and they even sent a taxi to collect him …..But he had gone.  Silvia was distraught – where was her lovely young man?  Despite numerous efforts he could not be found.

In September Silvia decided to return to the TRNC to see if her romance could be rediscovered after being informed that he had been seen again. Would he still be there when she came back? Would he still feel about her the way that he had before?

Their delight at the reunion was easy to see by everyone involved in this love story. Quickly she (and Frantisek – her Czech partner) arranged for her “young man” – now named Punto to go into private lodgings until he could move to Prague to be with his loves  – as Frantisek had become equally smitten. Sadly they said farewell with promises of “see you soon” xxx

In February 2018 it was all arranged – Punto had his travel vaccinations, he had his travel documents, and he had his flight ticket and could travel to Prague,   Again Silvia and Frantisek had worries – would he remember them? Would he still want to be with them … most importantly would he be Happy?

We will let you decide on how Punto, Sylvia and Frantisek felt about each other from the photos.

Sweet Dreams Punto —– it will soon be Valentine’s day .

Here are a few words from Silvia and Frantisek ………..

“Dear Kim,letting you know that Punto is since yesterday in Prague with us. The flight was without any issues, despite the waiting for the morning flight. Thank you again for your great support during the whole process basically since July last year, we are very happy to have him here with us. I attach some pictures below.

Take care, stay safe and wish you many happy saved dogs, you, KAR and Petline are doing amazing job there.

Silvia & Frantisek”

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