May 31, 2023

By Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard….

Dear Readers.,

There seems to be some confusion over the name Cyprus Scene in North Cyprus  and many people are emailing us or asking us, who is Cyprus Scene so may we please explain?.

Margaret and I have had a lot of experience in writing for and helping in now long gone newspapers and wanted to do the same again so  we came together with our ongoing news and expertise with a local businessman and we helped launch a new newspaper with our name Cyprus Scene but after six weeks we sadly parted company and that newspaper continues under the name “NORTH Cyprus Scene” and finds their own news and reviews.

The good news is being the progressive thinking people that we are, we started a weekly Free online Enewspaper “” which has just published its 9th issue and contains a selection of the news and reviews from our website.  A weekly email is sent to up to 1,500 people and organisations  with a link to the latest issue like that shown below.

All articles published in our Enewspaper have also been published on our website cyprusscene which we started 5 years ago and receives upward of 1,500 hits a day so clearly anything we publish reaches out across the world and remains there for years to come unlike a conventional newspaper which at best ends up being recycled.

There are those who for material gain want to secure news and claim it as exclusive. We believe news of people and organisations is best served if it is given to as many media outlets to publish as possible.

With best wishes,

Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard

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