October 4, 2023

Ataoğlu: “We have moved up in the field of tourism”

The 22nd East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Fair (EMITT) started on 25th January in Istanbul. The fair, which will end on 28th January, is being attended by 106 countries.

North Cyprus will present projects in the tourism and cultural area. Talking about the fair, Minister of Tourism and Environment, Fikri Ataoglu, emphasized that tourism income has increased by achieving a very serious rise in tourism in North Cyprus in 2017.

Ataoğlu stated that the dynamism of the sector came to the forefront of the decisive factors. Ataoğlu stated that the Ministry of Tourism and Environment will continue to sign important projects in 2018. “We will continue to increase the existing markets of the Ministry and we will continue to pay special attention to the emerging markets. We are making great efforts to create a tourism income that will make our country’s face smile at the end of 2018. The greatest power for our country is tourism, and we are working ceaselessly to assess this power in the best way to increase the prosperity of our people”.

Ataoğlu stated that EMITT has an important potential for introducing the tourism products of the country to the world and creating new opportunities for cooperation and said “Our Ministry represents our country in the best way with representatives of our industry.”

Recalling that the Northern Cyprus booth was awarded first prize in the past year, Ataoğlu emphasized that the EMITT fair, which is among the 5 biggest fairs in the world, has an important place in the promotion of North Cyprus.

Ataoglu expressed a lot of interest in Australia, Canada, China, America, Latin America, Central Asia, Asia Pacific and India. Ataoglu  “We have attracted over 1,600 tourism professionals from more than 100 countries and have signed many new agreements. Our goal is to continue the increase we have achieved in tourism in 42 years and to increase the number of domestic visitors by providing more qualified tourists to our country”.

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